Have you seen a father whose child is deviant and disobedient but still shows the child love?

A child who doesn’t do the will of his father and constantly disobeys the commands of the father doesn’t deserve any show of love from him, rather, a severe punishment.

If anyone peradventure sees a father who does the contrary, which is, showing love to a child that is rebellious instead of punishing them, such person will marvel and even conclude that the child’s father doesn’t know how to train their child. But is this all true? Is punishment and severe treatment the only way to correct a child or make them do the father’s will?.

Punishments are not the only strategy to correct a child or redirect the course of a child’s life; the show of love to that child can effectively achieve this correction sometimes. So, know when to quit the severe punishment and apply the strategy of love to restore this child.

Let me share a short story with you: I have been reluctant and lazy to pray, I sensed a strong weakness in my spirit and slept a lot. I was afraid, knowing what prayerlessness can do to me and the people I am standing in the gap for. I will always call my family at home and ask of how they are faring, I keep hearing positive responses, I keep hearing good news instead of the bad news my prayerlessness should bring. I was surprised and became more afraid

One day, while going through the scriptures, God told me that the reason He is showing me and my family members goodness and His love despite my prayerlessness and some deviant acts is so I can repent and start doing the right things.

God revealed in Romans 2:4 that the reason He still shows us goodness is so we can turn a new leaf. He shows us love as a strategy to win us back to Him because His wish is not for anyone to  perish but for all to be saved (1Timothy 2:4)

God told the Israelites in Ezekiel 36:1-38 that He was going to overlook their rebellious acts and show them and their lands His goodness and mercy. He said He was going to do that so that they can see it and know that He loves them and He’s ready to own them back.

Know this – God does not take any delight in unrighteousness and deviancy to His will and commands. The reason He still shows you His goodness and love is because He wants to woo you into repentance. He wants you to change from your wrong ways and embrace His ways and will completely.

Promise Kalu

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