Waiting can be so challenging that it feels like a game, a game that does not want to end.  There is one thing about Father God, He will not leave you waiting for nothing. If God has you waiting, you best believe He is coming through for you. He does not lead us astray, trying to figure things out on our own. He is always there.

Distance is not a barrier to God. That is why He sent the Holy Ghost. We have wasted so much time waiting on everybody else. It is time we truly wait on God. Juanita Bynum sings a song that says, “I don’t mind waiting on the Lord because I know He’s coming after a while.” So, when you get tired of waiting remember that God is coming through for you after a while. Before you know it after a while will be, today.  So, God is coming through for you today.

Hold on to the promises of God because He will not break His promises. The word of God tells us in Isaiah 40:28 that the everlasting God, the LORD, the creator of the ends of the Earth does not faint and neither is He weary and there is no searching of His understanding. As you wait for God to come through for you, do not grow tired or weary. In the wait trust God and pursue all that He has given you to accomplish for His kingdom. It won’t be long from now when you will give your testimony of all the good things that God has done for you.

Be encouraged by the word of God. Isaiah 40:31 tells us that when we wait for the LORD our strength will be renewed, and we will soar on wings like eagles. When we run, we will not be weary and when we walk, we will not faint. It is exciting to know that God is giving us new strength in the wait. I choose to wait on the Lord. How will you choose?

Min. Shaquatta Edgar

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