Humble Beginnings

The progress that you started with five or ten years ago is or should be small compared to the progress you are currently making. Whatever you start with is necessary to finish the work that you were called to do. However, some of us are yet to even begin the work we are supposed to be doing for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are valid and some are not. If we don’t start the work, then how will it be completed. Whatever the reason for us not getting started or completing a work, we need to re-evaluate to see whether we are being truthful. The same way we seek integrity from others we ourselves should possess it also.

You may think that what you do is not important enough or won’t make a difference. I have felt that way many times in my life. I am glad I know that is a lie. I’ve seen myself grow from a little girl writing poetry to a woman who now is an author of four bestselling anthologies. In between that time, I lost my passion for writing and allowed other meaningless things to consume my time.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for what I have accomplished with writing. I know God has more for me to do. As I make my way through the doubts and fears that come to my mind, I can’t help but feel this excitement. Then I smile and say to myself – ‘look at me now’. Ten, twenty, thirty, forty and fifty years from now I am still going to be looking back at where I began and smiling to myself saying: ‘look at me now’. This is not in a boastful sense but in a way to say I kept going and I didn’t allow anything to stop me. So, to those of you who may feel like no one is listening and no one is watching let me tell you today that someone is, and they are waiting for you to get started or pick up from where you left off from. Don’t despise your own small or humble beginnings but rather value what lies on the inside of you enough to trust that others do too.

Min. Shaquatta Edgar

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