Pay Attention

I can recall numerous times as a child and as an adult when I have heard my dad say: “Pay attention to what I’m saying.”

As I look back at Proverbs 4:20, I see and hear my heavenly Father saying: “Daughter, pay attention to my words and listen closely to what I say.” Our heavenly Father is not loud all the time. Most of the time when He brings things to our attention, things are calm with us even if it is just for a moment. Therefore it is important to slow down in order to read and study the word of God for ourselves. This will help us make the best decisions in life.

Our lives should not be so busy to the point where we are unproductive in feeding our spirit. Just like we take the time to feed our physical bodies, we should make the time to feed our spirit. For us to pay attention to what God is saying we must submit to the Holy Spirit when we are given an instruction; anything that is hindering us must be dealt with accordingly and not pushed to the side. The longer we wait to handle a distraction, the more it gets out of control.

Our focus must be on the right things which cause production and fruitfulness in the kingdom of God. Every weight that we have picked up that has weighed us down to the ground must be put aside. If our load is too heavy, then we cannot be focused to bring about effectiveness in our lives and in the lives of others that comes in our presence.

Are you paying enough attention to God and purposefully listen so He can speak to you as well as guide you to where you need to be in Him? If I never took the time to listen to my dad growing up and even as an adult, I would have missed a lot of important teachings.

There are a lot of voices trying to get our attention, let us make sure we answer and take heed to the right one – which is God’s; remember His words and keep them in your heart. One of the best ways to remember them is to continue to obey them. Pay attention even when you do not think He is speaking because God is always speaking through His word so we should always be listening.

Min. Shaquatta Edgar

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