The God of all Things

We can read something multiple times and get something new every time we read it. This is so true of Mark 9:22-23. A father finds himself in desperate need of help for his son that was possessed by a foul spirit. The disciples tried but were not able to cast the dumb and deaf spirit out. Jesus instructs the father to bring his son to Him. Jesus asks the father how long his son been in this condition and the father replies since he was a child. The mission of this spirit was to destroy the man’s son as well as completely diminish the father’s faith. The spirit tried to burn the son up in the fire and even drown him. The father makes his request and ask Jesus if He can do anything, have compassion on them and help them.

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you needed help but there wasn’t any compassion or any kind of understanding from anyone? The word of God tells us to cast our cares on Jesus because He cares for us. Jesus responded to the father’s request by saying, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believe.” Sometimes all we need to do is stop doubting what Jesus can do and just believe that He can do it. Many times, I read this, and I admit that I looked over the words “all things”. We can’t forget how Good a God we serve that is capable of all things. He’s not a God that came down in flesh to hide in the crowd or spy.

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He came down to show us a better way and that the same power that dwells on the inside of Him dwells on the inside of us. Do you believe that the God of all things can do all things? Once we accept the Lord into our life, live for Him, have faith, and not doubt, pray, and fast then nothing shall be impossible for us either. This is according to Matthew 17:20-21.  It’s okay to be honest with God about how we feel because sometimes we get pressed down by people and the cares of this world that we need help with our belief. I once heard a person say that the smartest thing they ever did was believe. This happened after they changed their belief system.I would say that the first step to changing the way we believe is to first acknowledge that there is an issue with how we believe. In Luke 17:5 the apostles asked Jesus to increase their faith. Although that sounds good, an increase in faith wasn’t what the apostles needed. They only needed faith as of the size of a mustard seed that is genuine and also true faith. We have to use the faith we got. As children of God, we go from faith to faith. That’s our part and the God of all things will do His. So, as you aim for all that is in God be sure to believe even if others say it’s not possible because the God of all things says it is.

Min. Shaquatta Edgar

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