Exclusive Interview with King Armstead

I had a great pleasure of interviewing a son, husband, father, minister, pastor, prophet, oversee, business owner and a man of God. This man of God’s name is King Solmon Armstead, a young man of 24 years old. He is from Gary, Indiana.

He is married to a beautiful young lady and been married going on two years. His wife’s name is Kiara Armstead they have 4 beautiful children and one on the way.  Prophet King told me how he has always had the prophetic anointing and was able to lead others to Christ. He reminds me of a Bible verse in Jeremiah 1 where the Lord told Jeremiah that he called him to be a prophet.

I asked Prophet King to tell us about his testimony. He tells us how God brought him from a life full of gang and violence, rejected and neglected most of his life. Prophet told us that he lived religiously since he was a child, gave his life to Christ and was in full submission to Christ at the age of 18. He told me that he knew he was called to the ministry since he was a young child.

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Prophet King started ministry at the age 23 and never ran from the called of the ministry. He received a prophetic word about him being a pastor and leader. He is the overseer and the Shepherd of Ox Anointing Ministries. They have experienced healing, demons being cast out and the glory showing up supernaturally. The Lord visited them personally.

I asked prophet King what advice he would give to young ministers. He gave five very important point of advice for ministry:

The first point of advice is to have a personal relationship with the Almighty. I highly agree with prophet King, but we need to have a deep relationship with the Lord. We need to be rooted in the Lord in these days and time. 

The second point of advice is to study the word for yourself and to have a covering always. This point is super important in two ways. The first way is to study for you because the word says study to show yourself approved. The second way is to have covering.

The third point of advice is: not to let pride, self-righteousness and self-glory to overtake your mind.  

The fourth point of advice is always to be led by God and to remain teachable. This point is super important because we need to be led by the spirit of God. Roman 8 tells us that people who walk in the Spirit are the sons of God. We need to stay where we can be taught because we don’t know it all.

Prophet and Prophetess Armstead are also business owners. Their business is under the Ox Anointing ministries. They sell lip gloss, hoodies, music, etc. He told me that he had to be strategic for the business and open the business while being led by God. He also told me that the business isn’t as hard to start as it is to maintain the business. He said he would recommend others to start a business because it is time to build the kingdom community.

I couldn’t agree more with prophet King. I encourage you to go check their website out. Their website is oxanointingministries.com.

You see God can take anybody and change their life. I pray this bless you like it did me.

Hope Dodson

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