Exclusive Interview with Venus White

I had the pleasure of interviewing a wonderful business owner and her name is Mrs. Venus White.  Mrs. White is the owner of New Beginnings Academy, a daycare in Alabaster Alabama. Mrs. White tells us the story and the reason behind her business.

She said the reason she started this daycare is because she always wanted to start her own business and because of her son, Robbie. She says, “I was working hard for money and not making enough for my son to be in daycare.”

Mrs. White goes on to tell us that what really prompted her to start this business is the fact that Robbie as an infant, was always sick with a virus where several children was sick with a virus. This is what drove Mrs. White to start a home daycare.

She tells us that she started this daycare about 19 years ago and was home based which took her to license at her house for a small group of kids. Then 5 years ago, she wanted to expand so she got licensed as a care center.

We asked what success means to her. Mrs. White tells us her meaning of success and she says, “Success means to be able to take the bad with the good while striving. Never giving up just because it didn’t work the first, second or even the third time. You learn from your mistakes and keep pushing.” 

We asked her what her advice to those was who want to start their own business. This was what Mrs. White said this, “Research! Research!! Research!!! Also make sure your business is something you love to do.” She also says, “Be prepared for the countless hours and take the good with the bad.” She ends it with saying this, “success is sweet but you work for it.” 

This is some good advice on business. I pray this bless you like it did me.

Interview By:

Hope Dodson

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