Exclusive Interview With Tylon Dowdy

I had a great pleasure of interviewing a young businessman. This young man’s name is Tylon Dowdy. He lives in Copper, Texas and attends Copper Cover High School. He plays football. He loves business and Spanish classes in school.

He is a young businessman and also a minister of the gospel. He recently started as a business owner and has been preaching since he was five years old; a prophetic dreamer and overseer. He is just 15 years old and starting an amazing successful business. He started his business in November of 202, following his mother footsteps because she is a multiple business owner. I hear that he loves business and learning a lot from it. He is doing a great job handling his business as young man.

Tylon told me that he wants to thank God. This blesses me that he put God first. When you put God first in everything you do, then you will be successful. Then Tylon told me he wanted to thank his mother, Kia Dowdy, and his supportive friends.

He told me the reason he started his business is because he watches his mother businesses bloom and successful. I asked him what his dream was and he said his dream is for the business to be successful. I personally believe and prophesy that his business is going to be success and bloom. He also says he is willing to take his business around the nation and I believe he will be able to go around the nation with his business.

I asked him what was his business saying? He said his business saying is “making the impossible possible.” When he told me that it brought the Bible verse that say “all things are possible with God” alive, I was elated.  The word also says that all things are possible to those who believe and Tylon is a strong believer in God.

Tylon’s business name is Ellevated Clothing. His business deals with making clothes like shirts, shorts, hat, and hoodies. He is working on other types of clothing. He wants to make a successful clothe brand that everyone would love to wear. He is also working on making games for youth and adults. He is working on building a website and working on promoting it on Media. He wants to build stores one day. Let us encourage and support this young man. I believe that Tylon will be very successful. You can reach him on Instagram @Ellevated clothing. I pray this article bless you like it did me. It is great and awesome someone starting their own business at such young age. I want to say to Tylon – keep up the hard work and keep putting God first and you will be successful. I believe you can go around the world with your business.

Interview By Hope Dodson

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