Exclusive Interview With Collen Hoover

I had a wonderful opportunity to interview a powerful woman of God, and her name is Colleen Hoover. She is a great and anointed woman of God.

She has great wisdom of the word of God and the gift of prophecy. She is a power house for the Lord. She is a prophetess, minister, mother, mentor, and a founder of the ministry. She is one of my mentors.

I asked Prophetess where she is from, and she said:

“She was born in Juniata, Pa. on October 17 1960. Raised in South Amboy, NJ. I Moved to Tulsa Oklahoma 2003.”

The next thing I thought about what she said was that is I was raised in Oklahoma for 8 years. I asked her what the name of her ministry was and she is said: “Colleen Hoover Global ministries.”

I asked her when she got called into the ministry and she said,

“It was the night before my 21st birthday and it was in a dream. I am 61 years old and just started ministry.” She also says that:

“You spend a lot of time from the time you receive the call to the time you start the ministry.”

This is a true and wise thing she shared.  I asked Prophetess if she ran from the call, and she said: “No, I did not run from the call on my life.”  This is amazing that she answered to the called of the Lord on her life.

I asked prophetess how she started in the ministry, and she said;

“I started serving in my early 20’s. Cleaning bathrooms, intercessory prayer, serving the Pastors, choir, answering phones, teaching, altar worker, evangelism team. Anything that needed to be done. There is a saying that goes “do not despise the small beginning. You see anything can be a ministry and if you are found faithful with the small thing then you can be found faithful with the bigger things.”

I ask her what her thought on her call was and she said:
“I can only liken the call on my life as a Kathryn Kulman type of anointing. I can see illness in people like an X-ray or a moving picture.”

Wow! I found this awesome. I asked prophetess if she seen miracles, and she said,

“I have prayed for and seen many miracles. Many physical abnormalities and cancers. Limbs grown out, teeth filled, deaf ears opened, blind eyes opened. I’ve prayed for hundreds of women who could not have children that now have babies that I saw before they were conceived; right down to the sex and date of birth.” This is amazing and awesome how the gift of healing, prophesy and seer is active in her life and ministry.

I asked her what her advice for the younger ministers was, and she said:

“My advice to younger ministers is stay in your own lane. Be submitted to a seasoned Apostle. Don’t get ahead of God. You must go through it to get to it. James 1:3-4”

James 1:3-4 in King James reads like this:

“Knowing this, that the trying of your faith works patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” She had a great advice and wisdom to give the younger minister. It is also sound and Biblical. I pray this article blesses and encourages you.

Hope Dodson

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