Exclusive Interview with Kristi Jo Highwalker

I got an opportunity to interview an apostle and pastor -Kristi Jo Highwalker. She is from Oklahoma and that is amazing because I lived in Oklahoma when I was younger. She is a mother, grandmother, pastor, and an apostle of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I asked her to tell us about herself, and this is what she said,

“I am a woman who is after the heart of the father. I love to ride motorcycles. I have such a deep love for animals, I believe in treating people the way I want to be treated.  I try to find the positive in all things, and trust Jesus with the good the bad and the ugly.  I love being a wife to my wonderful gift from God, Richard and a mother to my children and over the top love my grandchildren with every ounce of my fiber!   I love to mentor people in the things of the Kingdom of God.  I love the elegant and the wild, and I love fiercely and give my all in everything I do. I am an all-in or all out person, I gave every portion of me to Jesus to do with as he pleases. I am very strong in the anointing and things of God, but in my natural, I am a shy person who people can’t believe because I am so outgoing in the same breath it’s because I hide in the anointing.”

I believe Kristi is a person who loves to have fun but when it comes to the kingdom, she can be serious. She talks in the interview how she lost everything due her being addicted to drugs and was being beat by men. I asked her to tell us about her testimony and she said this,

“Before she found the Lord, had lost everything: Her spirit, zest, possessions, friends, family, and freedom. Locked up in jail. She was Addicted to Krank, lost her children, her family; was beaten by the men in her life and confidently arrived at the notion that any purpose for living had expired other than with all these afflictions.”

Then she tells us how Jesus step in and saved her.

“But Jesus, in a jail cell, in Blaine County came to her with truth, and the power and fire of the Holy Ghost, and in that instant Jesus came to speak Truth and set her free. Kristi gave her life to the Lord and was instantly set free one week later she was baptized with the Holy Ghost and life as she had known it was changed in a blink of an eye.”

Kristi tells us how she grew up in Church she grew up knowing Jesus, and of him, but all she knew for sure was this. She also told about her mom on her death bed and her passing and how it pushes her to do meth. This is part of what she said,

“The first day she ever did Meth to stay awake the last few moments, hours, day’s with her mother before she left this world), She didn’t really get into drug bad tell a few years later when her children was taken from her on false grounds (of which at that time was false, she was accused of kidnapping her own children of which she had full custody of, but this very event threw Kristi over board and onto the full track of Meth use)”. “By the time the deep court things came around then all allegations were true she was at this time a drug addict. At the beginning Kristi’s dad was for her and helping her, in the meantime Kristi’s marriage fell apart and life totally was a mess from the loss of her children, not seeing them to the failing marriage and after this Kristi spiraled into a life of more messes. She got with a man that was bad news this turned Kristi’s dad totally against her (oh did I mention this was the main guy on the Blaine Counties wanted list known drug person and outright bad news, oh and did I mention that Kristi’s dad was a ex Blaine County Deputy Sheriff)”.

“In Kristi’s messed up choices caused her dad to turn against her and for the ex-husband in the court battle. Kristi by now had become addicted to meth, lost all she owned, was raped by two men, divorced from her second husband, lost all form of income, she had nothing and was a mess in life and stayed high to numb her heart from all the hurt insides. Things finally caught up with Kristi and she was taken you guessed it, to Jail on hot check charges”.

She went on to tell us about when she got save and here is what she said,

“Kristi gave her life to the Lord. She held out on sentencing because the law was changing and her charges could be taken down to community service, but God knew what was best. She was then told that she was losing her parental rights to her children. This was devastation to her life, but she had Jesus with her and a wonderful family the Yoder’s to walk her threw. She had to be carried out of the courtroom that day, but it was handed to the Lord and told her that day by the father that she would be restored to her children that he has the final say in all things. This in March 2005 that day came when she was restored unto her children”

So Kristi kept pressing into Jesus in all areas of her life and even found the favor of God was upon her with God and Man. She got to starting go to Church at Rock of Restoration Church every Sunday it was cool. She felt the Lord desired her to go ahead and close out on her case, she believed that Jesus knew what was best and they refused to back off her case.

She closed her case with 7 year sentence with all suspended but one year with credit for time.I was released from Jail after service 1 year and 1 day Free and married the love of my life the man who Jesus filled my dreams and hopes and desires with my loving husband Richard Highwalker. BUT GOD! God can change people and situation, and he will if you allow him to. He can save and deliver anyone, and he will because he loves everyone the same.

I asked Kristi to tell us about her ministry and this is what she said,

“Richard & Kristi were both members of the Rock of Restoration Church. They met in 1998 (in church while Kristi was still locked up) and began their journeys as one in 1999. Reverends Richard & Kristi have both walked in full time ministry since 2000, and became fully ordained in Jan 2005, and became a 501(c) 3 in 2007. Both have been walking in His Kingdom of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God called them to bring the Gospel of Luke 4:18 to the World and 2nd Cor 3:17. For the Lord is Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Freedom! Kristi Highwalker Apostle and Co- Founder of Freedom Fire Ministry, Inc. & Chosen Daughters International Inc, and the Purple Buckets of Hope Foundation, she is a part of the Blaine County Drug Court Team in Watonga Ok. She Host: R.A.W. Online broadcast, and cohost with Richard on The Smoke Signals weekly broadcast on Facebook live.  Kristi is Founder of Fire Tribe Global Academy which houses the Fire Tribe School of Prophets.”

I asked her what her calling was and how long she been in ministry, and this is what she said she is an apostle and she been in ministry for 21 years. I ask her what she would say to the young minister and here is what she said,

“There was a call of God on my life, honestly, I knew it from a very young age for I was in church all my life, I was beside my momma in Sunday school teaching the little ones before I was old enough to do so, I never wanted to be out of what was going on at church.  I was always that one who believed in the underdog, could see goodness sin one’s others could not, not realizing later in life I would be that very underdog needed that seed I sowed all those years ago to others to become effective in my own life….  There was a call of God on my life, and Jesus in his beautiful plans of my destiny called me to go into the highways and byways bring about his freedom and fire and set the captives free.  I knew the darkness in which I had came out of, a darkness that most have no idea of its’ real existence.  I knew the measure of freedom of which the lord delivered unto me, and I knew that he called me to understand truths of  2nd Cor 3:17  ( now the lord is spirit and where the spirit of the lord is there is freedom) and bring forth Luke 4:18-19  18 The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me  To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,  To proclaim liberty to the captives  And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed;   19 To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.”  NKJV- to the world.”

This is amazing wisdom and testimony that she shared. I pray that this article blessed you.

Interviewed By: Hope Dodson

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