The Proper Mindset

One of the key ways to succeed is to have the proper mental attitude. This entails the ability to think about those things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy (Phil. 4:8-9). This is the benefit that we get as believers when we accept Jesus as our Lord and personal savior. You immediately receive the mind of Christ.

As a result, you receive the ability to develop the correct mindset that you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you. For instance, I remember in my undergraduate years, there was a particular course that none of my predecessors passed with a distinction. Everybody had the notion that it was not possible to cross that band. I asked myself “if Jesus was in this class what will be his score”. As a child of God, I had faith in God and prayed fervently until God opened my eyes to aspects of that course that nobody expected. Consequently, I passed with a distinction. My undergraduate years thought me that when you have the correct mindset, your success is guaranteed. You might fail at some points, but the right mental attitude will help you to jack up again.

When you possess the proper way of thinking, you will be a solution finder. You will be able to see the good in odd situations. You will be able to turn what the devil means for evil for you into good. It is not all ‘bad’ that is awful. God orchestrates some of these situations to bring out the good in us. This too takes proper thinking to stay on track.

Areas to develop proper thinking

  1. Your relationships – your family, friends, and associates. The kind of proper thinking includes acceptance, love, respect, forgiveness, kindness, and consideration. Have a wholesome relationship with the ones around you.
  2. You need to an acknowledging and proper mindset towards your personal growth and education. Be humble and eager to receive corrections and adjustments in other to stay away from mediocrity. Acknowledge and familiarize yourself with advanced technology, discoveries, trend in the marketplace, etc.
  3. You need to possess a positive and proper philosophy but careful pragmatic mindset in relation to your own skills and capabilities. Believe yourself and your experiences and build up on them. Never have naive prospects and be considerably more optimistic than pessimistic. Look for a mentor and a counsellor.
  4. You also need to have a sensible and healthy mindset about positive thinking. Don’t be a blind thinker. For instance, if you have an optimist mind and highly ambitious towards unattainable and unworkable goals, you will end up being frustrated.

Reason before you take a step. Be sensible! Think Properly!

Uloma Elvis-Offiah

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