Sarah Grace

            I have had the great pleasure of interviewing a pastor and business owner. This young lady’s name is Minister and pastor Sarah Grace. I asked Pastor Sarah to tell us a little bit about herself and she said, “I was born in a small town in Virginia, raised primarily in Baltimore, and currently residing in the greater Nashville, TN area. I am a self-published author, speaker, television and internet radio host, business owner, mom, and most importantly a follower of Jesus Christ.” I asked her to tell us about her testimony. Pastor Sarah share this with us, “When I was 20 years old, I asked God if he was real and if he was to show me who he truly was and that if he did, I promised I would serve him the rest of my life. Approximately a year later, I surrendered my life to Christ and have been following him and embracing the journey of transformation that my decision to follow Christ placed me in ever since.” I asked Pastor Sarah how she knew that she was called, and if she tried to run from the call? This was the answer that Pastor Sarah gave me, “From the inception of my walk with Christ, I immediately started serving in the church and had a hunger to learn and share God’s Word. From that time, leaders told me I was called by God and began training me. I didn’t see any separation between following Christ and doing ministry. It seemed that one was the fruit of the other. I didn’t run from serving God, but I was afraid of speaking publicly, especially prophesying publicly or privately. It took time to understand my responsibility and overcome fear. I ask her how old she was when she started the ministry, and how she started her ministry? Her answer was, “I had my first opportunity to speak when I was 21 and my first opportunity to reach around 24 years old, at 26 I was an associate pastor of a church and by 27 I was a full-time senior pastor. I was ultimately called upon by church leaders to enter into apprentice-style training and I served in many ways inside of the local church and was gradually given more and more opportunities and responsibilities.” I asked Pastor Sarah what the name of her ministry is and tell us a little about her ministry. This was her answer, “Charis Global Outreach. I am the founder and president of Charis Global Outreach which serves as an umbrella to the many things I do including itinerant speaking from churches to facilities and my multimedia outreaches including television and radio.” I asked Pastor Sarah to tell us what her thoughts on the anointing on her life were. This is what she said, “The anointing in my life is from God alone and is no result of my own perfection or righteousness, however, I do believe that my willingness made room for it.” I asked Pastor Sarah to give the younger ministers some advice. Here is some really wise advice that Pastor Sarah gives, “To take the time to know God and learn his word and sharpen their character as their foundational focus. I also encourage them to remain humble and fully submitted to God’s Word and authority and keep elder leaders in their life who can assist them with becoming the best version of themselves in their personal life and ministry. Most importantly in the world’s system, people climb ladders, in the Kingdom of God, people build altars. Lay your life down and never try to put yourself on a platform. Allow God to prepare you, people, to confirm and develop you, and the Lord to promote you.” Now I want to touch on some of her information about her business.

I asked Pastor Sarah what her business name is, and what does she do. This is her answer, “I am a freelance graphic, web, and video design artist, and my business is done under my name, Sarah Grace.” I asked her what made her want to do her own business and what was the process. This is what she says, “I initially started designing to serve my local church and local leaders and then after going through divorce started my own business to take care of myself and my 7 children I was left to raise alone. I had to take time to access what I wanted to offer and organize a process to sell my services. I offer graphic, web, and video design to a diversity of clientele in to include individuals, businesses, and organizations.” I asked Pastor Sarah if she would recommend starting a business and to give some advice to those who want to start their own business. Here is what Pastor Sarah said, “Having your business can be a great way to secure a form of income for yourself as a primary source or as a supplemental source. It is also a way to share your passion and/or abilities that translate into services with the world which can be very fulfilling and provide some security outside of working for someone else. I think it is a great idea for most people to consider. Every business is different. Take time to research the type of business you want to start and make sure to take time to do each step with proper attention and care, so you have the right foundation. Give it time to grow and recognize it may take that time to grow and don’t quit when you face challenges but rather make adjustments.” Here are the last few statements that Sarah said, “You can find out more about me at” I would recommend you go check out Pastor Sarah. I want to take a moment and thank the minister and pastor Sarah for letting me interview her and for some great information that she has given us. I pray that you find this great information helpful and encouraging in your life.

Hope Dodson

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