Ask For Help

As human beings, we often like to figure things out ourselves before we ask someone else for help. However, when you think you know everything you may refuse to ask for help. This stubbornness or pride will make it hard for you to be taught anything by anyone. The word of God tells us that when we ask it will be given to us, and when we seek, we shall find and when we knock it will be open unto us. We also have confidence in knowing that when we ask, we will receive whatever we ask for. This takes faith.

Many times, I have been afraid or felt unworthy to ask God for anything. At this point in my life, I see that I am worthy. You may feel that way today. If you are afraid to ask, don’t be. When you are a child of God all that the father has is accessible to you. So instead of being fearful, you can be assured knowing that your Father in heaven hears you and have your best interest in mind. You don’t have to feel unworthy because we all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory at one point in our lives. God is forgiving, and He is gracious.

Use your faith instead of fear and come boldly to the throne of God and ask for what you need. You will find help. Ask for what you desire, and trust God to move on your behalf. After you have asked the Father, make sure you thank Him. Yes, go right ahead and praise Him in advance. I say praise Him in advance because as a child of God our faith should be standing in the power of God and not in the wisdom of men. So, my question to you today is, where is your faith standing? Are you asking and trusting in God for the impossible or are you merely going by what you see?

We don’t have faith in God based on what we see with our natural eyes. However, we do have faith in what we have heard and read in the word of God. I encourage you to keep Romans 10:17 close to your heart and meditate on it. I used to recite this a lot when I first gave my life to God, but never really understood it. So, don’t just read it but listen for the Holy Spirit to lead you deeper in the word of God for role models of faith.

One of my greatest faith role models will always be Abraham. He was not weak in his faith neither did he waver at what God had promised him. I am shouting off of that right there! Abraham trusted God to deliver on what He said. I encourage you not to forget what God said concerning you, whether it was spoken prophetically through someone you know or read in the word of God.

Keep on believing and you shall soon see the manifestation of your prayers. Don’t lose hope my brother. Don’t lose hope, my sister. Endure until God says it’s over, for the just shall live by faith. God is going to perform what He said concerning you.

Minister Shaquatta Edgar

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