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       I had the pleasure of interviewing a powerful young woman of God, and her name is Nakia Dowdy. She shared some very powerful things with us. I was blessed doing this interview, so I know you will be blessed as well. Nakia is a minister, prayer intercessor, prophetess, mother, teacher, multiple business owner, and a loving woman of God. She also is a college student at Ohio Christian, and she is going for a degree in Psychology.  I ask her to tell us about her powerful testimony. She said this, “once a victim of abuse and addiction, she now walks in victory and deliverance sharing the good news of Jesus Christ,  through her testimony and helping pull others out.” Prophetess Nakia went on and was telling me about how she is a survivor of domestic violence, drug addiction, homosexuality, mental bondage, social injustice, rape, and homelessness. My friend God set prophetess Nakia free he can do the same for you.

This is a powerful testimony of God setting her free.  She went on to say how God has given her a greater love for life. she is passionate about inspiring and empowering women of abuse and brokenness. She helps other heal and she is an advocate for women and children of domestic violence. I ask her to tell us about her ministry. She is the founder of Holy Remnants Fire International Ministry. This ministry is where she ministers, teaches, heal, and performs deliverance. She has been in church all her life, but she discovers her gifts and calling at the age of 22.  She was an evangelist since a child of the age of ten years old, but she ran for years. She was living a fast street life and unpleasing to  God.

She is anointed mostly in prayer, deliverance, healing, and like a mother anointing. She is certified as a life coach and is the owner of Integrity Solution coaching. She loves to help others, she has wanted to help others since a little girl. She started her business one day after God gave her the vision. She offers life coaching, in a one-on-one setting. She stated, “it became more valuable when she saw so many going through what she did and created a business.” She went on to say that “business isn’t easy, but God gave her the strategy and structure to be successful in her business. ”She is the owner of Avenues of Health and Wellness. Prophetess Nakia went on to tell us that she gives God the honor, praise, and glory. She thrives every day to reach souls, for the kingdom of God. She also empowers those who are lost and those that are saved, on their way to be set free and overcome life’s challenges. She is also showing them how to live life fully and submit to Christ. She also helps them find their purpose in God. 

I ask her to advise the young minister and upcoming business owner. She said, “stay in the fight and don’t weaver when God shows or tells you something. Faith will keep you,  and your prayer. Always follow God and his plan, and not your own because God will never fail you. When it seems tough in the beginning whether business, ministry, or trying to walk upright God is holding you up so don’t give up. Press through and hold on to God’s promise for your life.” The things that Prophetess shared with us can show How God can use us no matter our past or what we did in our life. She shared some wisdom that we can let teach us and take to heart. I pray you were blessed by this interview.

Interviewed by Hope Dodson

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