The Waiting Game

Ladies, ladies let’s talk girl talk for just a few minutes.  Let us talk candidly about being single and being saved. Oh, and don’t worry we’ll talk about the waiting game that many of us are still playing.  This isn’t your ordinary topic of discussion with the same spin. No, this is the realness behind what was once the single heart.  In my Shugg Avery’s voice, “I’m married now.”  

Ladies its 2019 and let me be the one to say, “Queens you are rocking it!”  You’ve finally found your place in the world. You’ve bought your first house, got your degree, and started your own business and even have the money to go along with it.  Talk about a real ‘Baby Boss’…baby girl you are it! To add the cherry on top, you’re even a woman of prayer, a woman of faith and a true woman of God. So, my question is this, ‘Where is Mister Right?’

God is so amazing in the details He orchestrates in this thing we call life.  Our timing isn’t quite like God’s and Sister-girl we must learn to be okay with that.  Stop looking at the clock and look at God! The Bible tells us in Proverbs 18:22, “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor of the Lord.”  If that man is a true Man of God, and he wants more than just your outer beauty…trust me when I say he is seeking God so he can also get to you. So, ladies take a breath.  Let the tall, dark and handsome brother come find you. He’s seeking; now let him find!

Sis, you are a jewel in the eyesight of God and from the Heavens, you shine like the stars.  You are no ordinary woman. You carry much more than those hips. You carry grace, glam, poise, and power…and let’s not forget the anointing.  Queen, God has destined for you a King. Truth is, He never said when. Yet regardless of where you are in life and what others may think, your King was made just for YOU!

Let me set the record straight.  Many have the misconception that singleness is loneliness.  I beg to differ. You are a Woman of Purpose. Not all of us are counting the strands of gray hair or worried about our biological clock.  Some of us have our focus locked on God and are waiting patiently on God’s promises. Single ladies, let me encourage you. Rise up Woman of God!  Keep praying, keep fasting and stay busy!

I can recall my single days in my early twenties.  As much as I wanted to fall in love and say those infamous words, ‘I do’…even more so, I wanted a husband after God’s heart.  I wanted a husband whose love for God overshadowed his looks, the car he drove, the clothes he wore and the money he had. I am not going to lie to you.  Those things mattered but they were only superficial.  

The day I gave my heart to God is the day I’ll never forget.  See, I got saved at the age of 16 years old. I never believe I could love anyone so much until I found Christ.  Ladies, this is real talk. It’ll forever be etched in my heart. The love I longed for as a girl had finally become a reality that I only dreamed of.  Ladies what I am saying is that I consumed my spare time with being around strong women of God to encourage me. I stayed in God’s presence in prayer, in song, in fasting.  I laughed with my single girlfriends. I prayed with them and yes, sometimes even cried with them too. Nevertheless, I was so focused on being saved and pleasing God that when God did send me Mister Right (or in my case Mr. Wilson) it completely caught me by surprise.  To my amazement, he had noticed me on a chance occasion and had been trying to build himself up to speak to me. Thank God he did!

Queens don’t rush this process.  It is just as delicate as your heart is for love.  God knows all about your personal timeline. He sees, He knows and yes, He cares.  Focus your attention on things above love. God has not forgotten you…and when you meet “The One”, neither will he.  You made it. The wait is over.

The Waiting Game

Written by:  Prophetess Natisha Wilson

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