Why Do So Many Decide, Not, To VOTE?

Many Americans, customarily, fail to take advantage of their right to VOTE, which, in a democracy, probably, should be considered, not only as a right, but a privilege, opportunity, and a duty. In fact, in the Presidential election of 2016, as many eligible voters, never cast a ballot, as actually, voted. In fact, twice, in this 21st Century, an individual, who received fewer popular votes, than his opponent, was elected President, because of the Electoral College. The importance of voting, should be, even more obvious, because, in this election, no less than 5 key states, were determined by a very small percentage of those, who actually, voted, and imagine, the possibilities, if there were a greater turnout! There are many reasons, those who fail to go to the polls, provide, for why they don’t vote, so, this, article, will briefly examine, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why it matters, how slightly more involvement might change the face of this nation, and some of the more relevant factors and considerations, involved.

1. Vision; value; values; variety; voting: Let’s begin by considering the candidates, and whether, the public, shares the vision, and values, of a particular candidate. Why bother, if neither candidate, will provide value, and/ or, of the perception is, there is so little variety, and therefore, their vote doesn’t matter, nor will it make any real difference? With so many contests, often, decided by slim margins, and when, as the 2016 election, clearly indicates, although you might not fully endorse, or support, a specific candidate, there is truly, such a thing, as a Lesser of 2 evils.

2. Options; opportunities; opinions; organized: Often, people vote, based merely on, populist rhetoric, and empty promises, even those, someone may not have any answers or viable solutions! Consider carefully, whether someone proceeds, with an open – minded, and seeks options, which might provide the best opportunities, and whether, the opinions of an individual, are based, on liberty, justice, and freedom, for all! In addition, see if someone is prepared and logical, and will proceed, in an organized manner, to maximize, getting the best possible results.

3. Timely; trends: Ensure the person you vote for, is looking ahead, instead of proceeding, with, rose – colored, glasses, at his perception of the past. We need public officials, who recognize, understand, and are ready, willing and able, to utilize the most appropriate trends, for the common good. Also, this person, must be capable of proceeding, with well – consider, timely, strategic, relevant, and sustainable actions!

4. Empathy; excellence; endurance; energize; emphasis: Pay attention to whether a potential, public official, is willing to effectively listen, rather than merely, speaking, at others! When one learns from every conversation, and experience, he becomes able to proceed with the utmost degree of genuine empathy. Does someone demand his utmost personal excellence, or, is he willing to accept, good – enough? Since there are always, obstacles, challenges, and stresses, and disappointments, choose to be represented by someone, with the self – confidence, discipline, and inner strength, to have the endurance, to proceed forward, when others, give in, and let it defeat them! Great leaders must make their priority, and emphasis, to consistently, energize, his constituents, in a positive, motivating, inspiring manner.

Wake up America, and take advantage of the privilege, and VOTE! Do so, with the utmost degree of seeking the common good, and making America, as great as it might be!

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